Growth & Success Con 2018

September 17 — 18, 2018   Virtual Event , NY


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September 17
September 18
  • 11:00 AM

    12:00 PM
    Confidence Clarity and Cash

    Finding the confidence to overcome limiting beliefs, self doubts and fears. Learning to lead with confidence when they share a genuine message (offering) that is from a true place of passion and lights their soul on fire. And how doing these things are the steps that will magnetize paying clients.

    • Amie Pederson , Business Mentor & Strategist
  • 1:00 PM

    2:00 PM
    5 ½ Ways to Reset Your Success

    You have the power to reboot and redirect your business and personal success every single day. This presentation is your blueprint for shifting your relationship to the success in your life so that you curate and master the results and the legacy that you desire. Together we will explore how that extra ½ step can make the difference in how you embrace the concept that now is your new next! Redefine your purpose/relationship to success Catch your thief/unblock your path Seek out the power of NOW B.Y.O.B: Bring. Your. Own. Balance. Tips to reclaim and live your goals Discover the ½ step that will bring clarity/abundance

    • Randi Levin, Founder & CEO, - Randi Levin Coaching
  • 3:00 PM

    4:00 PM
    Cracking the Success Code

    You can maximize your productivity by tapping into your subconscious mind to unlock your hidden greatness. We can never outperform our own self-image. You will learn how to interrupt negative thoughts, limiting patterns, see all the resources available to you and crush self-sabotaging behaviors. You will embrace cutting edge power systems to increase productivity through daily protocols. This presentation will help you connect with your customers on a higher level with faster rapport building techniques to close more business, attract repeat clients and increase referrals. This presentation offers tools that will empower you to reach a new level of success!

    • Keri Zoumas, Breakthrough Coach and Founder and CEO , Inspire Greater Expectations
  • 4:30 PM

    5:30 PM
    Build a Brand, Change Your Future

    In this presentation learn why having defined brand messages that effectively demonstrate a competitive advantage and offer defined purpose, vision and values for everyone to rally around should be a part of your overall business strategy. Upon attending this presentation, small business leaders will have a clear understanding for what a brand truly is and ideas for how to embark on developing brand positioning at their firms for optimal success.

    • Shakira M. Brown "The Small Biz Whisperer", CEO, Award-Winning Branding & Communications Strategist, SMB Strategic Media LLC